Sticky traps are available in Yellow, White and Blue colors.

Recommended to control Aphids, White flies, Jassids, Thrips, Frog hoppers, Moths, Leaf hoppers, Fungus gnats,
Leaf miners, Flea beetles etc.,

Small flying insects / pests are attracted to the unique colors of the Stick-a-fly Traps and stick to the non-drying glue coating on the trap. Many insect pests are difficult to control with insecticides. Hence by catching the winged adults with these traps before they reach the plants, the build-up of pests will be reduced. Existing insect population may also be reduced.

Benefits of using Sticky Traps:

  • Easy to use premium quality traps. Non-poisonous and weatherproof.
  • The glue can withstand rain and does not dry.
  • Highly attractive to insect pests, less effect on pollinating insects.
  • Ideal for early detection of pests. IPM / NPM / Organic compatible.


Handling Instructions:

  • Start using the traps from early stage of the crop, before the pests infect the crop.
  • Use 24-40 sticky traps per acre. If adult pests are present on the crop they should be disturbed by tapping the plants. Once they fly out, will be captured by the traps, particularly white flies.
  • Suspend the traps just above (10 to 14 cm) the plants. Remove the protective cover paper from the trap. The Traps should be placed facing East-West direction.
  • The traps will remain sticky & attractive for several months. They should be changed sooner if more than 70% of the surface is covered with insects or dust.
  • Monitor the traps every week and check the density of pest. Take appropriate steps to control the pest.

Stick them before they suck your crop !!!