How To Fix Offline Printer Problem On Mac

You can remove a printer from your computer by right-clicking the printer, then clicking Remove device. Once the printer has been uninstalled, follow your printer’s installation guide to properly reinstall it. Our guide continues below with additional information on how to switch a printer from offline to online, including pictures for these steps. There are several reasons why this might be occurring, so you will need to follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to change your printer from offline to online. Connection between the printer and the user’s device is needs to be perfect, if the connection is broken then the device will find it difficult to print the command given by the user. The connection is the most important thing because if it is broken then the printer won’t work efficiently or it won’t work at all. For connecting printer with device, the user has to make sure that the cable which is connecting the two device is not broken from any end and it does not have any kinds of cut in it.

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After clicking OK to save changes, you can try to use your printer and the offline printer will not get stuck in not responding or not connecting on Windows 10. Hence, there is a high probability that this SNMP standard changes the network printer and urges it to go offline on Windows 10. If the icon has no green mark, you should right click it to Set as default printer and then right click it to See what’s printing. Mostly, your printer has to be connected to the Internet or by USB cable.

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  • Check Network discovery and File and printer sharing are both enabled.
  • You can change the font to be Regular, Bold, Italic, or Bold+Italic.
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  • Note that once you have inserted this symbol, it gets added to the Recently Used Symbols list at the bottom of the Symbols box.

Check to see if the printer has a jam which can create an error. If not there is likely to be an issue with the printer electronically, further advice would be to contact the printer’s manufacturer or a printer technician.

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Prior to more advanced solutions, sometimes, reconnecting the printer and restarting your PC may be efficient to solve printer keeps going offline on Windows 7, 8, and 10. No matter you are using an HP, Epson, Canon or Brother printer, it is extremely common that your printer is offline, which means you cannot print files for your work or study.

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One is hiding under the M.2 SSD that the laptop ships with, so you’ll have to temporarily remove the SSD in order to remove the battery. I removed the battery cable from the laptop by using my fingernails on both the left and right side of the cable at the same time and pulling. Putting the new 80Wh battery in is basically the same process in reverse. Connect the cable, put the battery in place, then screw the battery in. You’ll need to use some of the screws that were holding the 2.5” drive tray in, then finally don’t forget to put the M.2 SSD back in afterwards.

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